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Indo-or Laminate flooring 12mm

Indo-or Laminate flooring 12mm

+ INDO-OR Laminate flooring 12mm: HDF INDONESIA industrial laminate flooring, with a thickness of 12mm specialized for indoor, INDO-OR Made in Vietnam, HDF reinforced green imported raw sheets from  INDONESIA.

+ INDO-OR Laminate flooring 12mm, what are the preeminent features?

* Click clock covered with candle wax:

+ With edge protection system covered with dry candle wax by inkjet technology:

+ Natural essential oils extracted from plants are coated on the four sides of each board as a barrier against water.

+ The paraffin layer is then applied to the lock to reduce friction between the boards when installing, thus reducing floor noise.

Besides, this paraffin layer also makes construction easier. Also making INDO-OR laminate flooring more durable than other types of laminate flooring with old technology wax.

* 4D locker: UNICLIC

+ 4D lock system - Click: 100% do not use glue in the edge of the board so the groove is seamlessly perfect without being visible. 4-side locking system is convenient for easy installation and removal of floors.

+ On the other hand, it is designed with a 2-way locking edge to keep the minimum distance between the boards for a long time.

* Surface coated with aluminum oxide & water proof:

+ Surface coating: with aluminum oxide particles is one of the moisture-proof and hard metals, protect the floor from scratches. Also transparent surface coating with high IP value makes the coating clearly show the delicate design as well as creating high sharpness and contrast for the floor.

+ Wood grain decoration layer: applying special ink technology to create a high visual effect with creative designs, diverse wood patterns look natural and very real.

* Hardwood HDF: (High Density Fiberboard)

+ HDF core made from tropical hardwood trees: The HDF core is made by using tropical hardwood species in INDONESIA, which is considered one of the best wood in the global market for High stability and moisture resistance.

+ The water resistance rate of the floor is measured and determined by the standard for board bulging that has been tested in accordance with European EN norms and is rated below 8%.

* Green materials, environmentally friendly:

+ The HDF core meets the low toxic gas emission standard and is supplied directly from the parent company in HDF Indonesia. It is always manufactured under strict conditions to meet international market standards, namely; BS standards, European EN standards, German DIN standards, Japanese JIS standards and JANS standards.

* Application of INDO-OR Laminate Flooring 12mm in practice:

+ Most laminate flooring in general and INDO-OR Laminate Flooring 12mm in particular are used exclusively for interior floor linings, with 12mm floorings, more rigid INDO-OR Laminate Flooring 12mm, especially suitable for areas high travel density such as living room, hotel, restaurant, commercial center ....

WARRANTY: 15 YEARS Warranty genuine: According to manufacturer standards

tính năng chứng nhận sàn gỗ indo-or

+ INDO-OR laminate flooring exclusively distributes at system nationwide.

+ Contact Hotline: 091 8888 893 or CCKH: 1900 636968 (totally free) for more details.

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Indo-or Laminate flooring 12mm
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